Certain unexploded ordnance (UXO) remediation projects may require archaeologists to be present for identification of culturally sensitive materials. ACR  specializes in this support and can provide an archaeologist cross-trained as a UXO Tech 1. This way, the Archeologist / UXO Tech can 'wear two hats' acting as both ordnance technician and archeological monitor in the grid.
For large projects requiring many archeologists monitoring multiple UXO dig teams, ACR uses a logistical and documentation methods we developed in the field specifically for allowing maximum efficiency and minimum down time while performing archeological support. 
Primary benefits to this setup:
  • Allows intrusive activities to continue while ACR's cross-trained archeologist examines artifacts discovered through intrusive activities.
  • Cost savings because one person fills job of both archeologist and UXO Tech I ​

WWI-era 75mm shrapnel projectile

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UXO Archaeologist Intrusive on Arch Site

UXO Tech 1/ Archeologist examining subsurface hit


Powder Train Time Fuze (PTTF)