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Many portions of historic trails are highly ephemeral and unrecognizable to the untrained observer. Often, historians have only a vague idea of the the exact locations of these often interwoven paths. ACR has identified and documented numerous previously un-mapped segments of historic trails.

View along an ephemeral segment of the Deadwood Road.

Emigrant trails such as the Oregon, Bozeman, and Bridger were key thoroughfares for Euroamerican settlement of the American west and were trigger points of conflict between Native inhabitants, settlers, and the US Army. These linear resources and the many habitation, camp, burial and battle sites associated with them retain significance today. But while many trail portions are well-documented, other areas may be little studied and vulnerable to developmental impacts without proper investigation. 

ACR has a well-established reputation regarding historic trail systems identification and study. We conduct all aspects of trail study including identification, mitigation advisement, and visual impact assessments. Additionally, ACR is conducting ongoing research tying pioneer diary entries and letters to specific trail locations.

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Recording a segment of the Bozeman Trail

Background Images: Wagon in Yellowstone Park, Unknown Photographer, courtesy NPS Photo collection. Wyoming emmigrant trails map, courtesy Wyoming SHPO.

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