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Geoarchaeology is the application is geology and soil science principles to answer archaeological questions. 

Geoarcheologist characterizing stacked paleosol sequences within prehistoric site complex.

ACR can advise you on the probability of subsurface archaeology based on geomorphology and soils evaluation. If needed we can provide a geoarcheology trained monitor who will assess that potential in real time during construction and recommend where monitoring is still needed and where it is no longer necessary. 

Contact us to find out how a geoarcheology soils assessment can benefit your project

Will the unanticipated discovery of archeological  or cultural remains halt production of your project once it has begun?


Among several potential well pad locations, which one is most likely to contain subsurface archeology and where could it best be avoided?


Our trained geoarcheologist can help answer these questions and help avoid site destruction and costly shutdowns. We also partner with land management agencies and other institutions to conduct geoarcheological subsurface assessments of significant archeological sites and landforms suspected to have high archeological burial potential. 


Laminar bedding in recent deposit assessed to have high archeological burial potential. This deposit was chronometrically dated to the mid-1800s

Subsurface Archaeology

Background photo: Haplocryoll soil in ACR project area near Yellowstone Park, Wyoming

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