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Many environmental firms can furnish archaeological monitors for your construction project. ACR can provide you with an experienced geoarchaeologist, trained in geomorphology and soil science. Our personnel can interpret what sediments reveal during construction. This means your project has the benefit of a knowledgeable geoarchaeologist on site-- not just a technician.
What are the advantages of using a geoarcheologist monitor on your project?
Our geoscience-trained monitor will advise your excavation foreman regarding which areas of the construction footprint or pipeline corridor have the highest and lowest likelihood for encountering buried archeology.
We work with the BLM and other lead agencies to recommend and conduct archeological monitoring where soils show it is actually needed, and to bypass areas where soil characteristics indicate  it is unwarranted.  
Our assessments and recommendations to the client and lead agency are based on hard science and we have an established reputation of providing reliable soil interpretations.
The best part?
We provide georachaeology trained monitors for the same cost as archaeology technicians but with the added value of geoscience expertise to help you know where you do - and don't - need continued monitoring. 

Contact us to find out more about how our geoscience trained archeology monitors can benefit your project.


Cross-section of Ustic Torrifluvent soil which is young and low energy enough to have high potential for containing intact archeological materials. 

10-26 CM2 F 058-PS edit large.jpg

Monitoring pipeline construction through high burial potential sediments.

Background photo: Monitoring construction of TransCanada's Bison pipeline

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