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These types of research reports are typically required prior to the initiation of fieldwork but stand alone documents may be  requested as part of the mitigation process.

Land patent document, dated 1939. Courtesy  www.glorecords.blm.com

Prior to the initiation of cultural survey on-the-ground, many agencies require a Class I literature review to be conducted. This helps ensure that sites are evaluated in proper context and that field personnel are abreast of what potentially significant site types may be in the area. Occasionally, such historic research documents are requested by federal representatives as part of the project mitigation process or by private clients with a special interest in a battlefield, landmark, or other historic site. We conduct research of land patents, GLO records, state-held site and project inventories, key cultural contexts of the area, and other pertinent resources based on the project's scope and known cultural history of the area in question. Access to some of these resources requires an Archaeological Resources Protection Act, or ARPA permit, which ACR holds.

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GLO map, ca. 1940 of Township 50 North, Range 105 West. Courtesy  www.glorecords.blm.com

projectile point descriptions courtesy of WYO SHPO Cultural context: http://wyoshpo.state.wy.us/ index.php/programs/planning-historic-contexts

Background photo: Fort Abraham Lincoln ca. 1875. Photographer unknown. Courtesy NPS Photo collection.