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ACR is recognized as one of the mountain west's leading experts in battlefield investigations and skirmish reconstructions. 

ACR has extensive experience with high resolution investigations of major battle sites in the mountain west. We are privileged to have conducted investigations at historic sites including the Fetterman Battle, December 6 Fight, and Rosebud Battlefield. We also work closely with researchers from Old Army Records to give context and depth to the lives of famous and not-so-famous soldiers and warriors from these historic events. 

02-01 R2F34 Lead Bullets.jpg

Lead bullets recovered from one engagement location of the Fetterman Battlefield.

Carrington's Map2.jpg

Map drawn by Colonel Carrington after the December 6 Fight.   

Did You Know?
ACR led the only large-scale archaeological investigation of the 1866 Fetterman Battlefield.

ACR pours through little-known texts, military records, diaries, and ledgers to bring fresh insight into what we think we know about these key turning points in American history. We match historic records with the results of forensic science, fleshing out the lives of real people from the past.

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IMG_7403- PS edit.jpg

Cartridges recovered from the Rosebud Battlefield in southeastern Montana 

Background photos: (Left, lower) Washakie and his warriors, 1871, photographer unknown. Courtesy NPS Photo collection. (Right, upper) 7th Calvary soldiers riding at Little Bighorn Battlefield anniversary ceremony, 1926, photographer unknown. Courtesy NPS photo collection.

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