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Specialists in Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology,

Geoarchaeology, and UXO Support

Celebrating 21 Years of Archaeology in the Mountain West


Section 106 Archaeological Survey

For projects with federal involvement, Section 106 of the NHPA requires an assessment of impacts to historic properties.

11-27 Knowlton Yarger Butte Feature Reco

The application of geomorphic and soil science principles and techniques to address archaeological questions including uncertainties of archaeological burial potential and site formation history

UXO Operation Support

Cultural monitoring for Unexploded Ordnance projects using  survey and recording methods specifically designed for UXO project needs with optional addition of cross trained UXO Tech 1 archaeologist.
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Visual Impact Assessments

Determining whether planned infrastructure (cell towers, oil wells) will be visible from key  archaeological sites and proposing appropriate mitigation measures


" ACR’s report has given the North Dakota SHPO a whole new way

of looking at historic mining sites in the state. " 

- North Dakota SHPO Representative

ACR Consultants has completed projects in most of the 

western US:

States where ACR has worked-one color sp


Founded in 1999, ACR is based in Sheridan, WY and serves the western and central US. Over the past 20 years we have surveyed over 250,000 acres in the Central and Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Great Basin and Northwest Coast geographic provinces. Our core staff has over 63 years of combined archaeological experience.


We specialize in Section 106 survey, historic battlefield and trail studies, all types of Native American sites, geoarchaeology assessments, and UXO support services. ACR proudly provides superior archaeological 

resource services to a wide

range of federal, state

and private agencies, 

and non-profit clients.

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What is Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act?

How does the cultural compliance process work?

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ACR Consultants - Bridging Science and History

ACR's research approach and evaluation methods are grounded in in-depth historic records research, chronometric dating techniques, soil science and geoarchaeology methods in order to evaluate sites and predict

subsurface archaeological potential.

We provide research services for understanding the geomorphic, cultural and historical settings of complex archaeological sites. 

For Section 106 compliance projects, we help clients navigate the permitting process and facilitate project approval by advising appropriate avoidance and mitigation measures. Our recommendations are based on thorough historic document research, landform dating models, precise GIS mapping

techniques and on-the-ground geoscience expertise.


ACR Consultants, Inc.

1438 O'Dell Ct.

Sheridan, WY 82801

Office Phone: 307-673-5966

Contact Senior Staff directly: 

Kevin O'Dell, M.S., President 

Historic Battlefields and Industrial Archaeology Specialist


Donna Stubbs, M.A., Principal Investigator

GIS Specialist


Hillary Jones, M.S., Principal Investigator



We're happy to answer your questions!

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